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Sweet Wine&Honey pudding

No question about it, this is by far the most popular dessert in my sweets-repertoire, and is a clear choice anytime when a non-Hungarian is on my guest list.

Perfectly represents what I call contemporary Hugarian cuisine. Not at all traditional, has that little edge, yet still typical, as far as the main ingredient - our national pride: Takaji Aszú dessert wine - is concerned.

Always a great success, very rewarding, simply cannot go wrong with it: delicioso, fancy-looking and supereasy to make.

Like I promised, this is for you, Sandra!
Sweet Wine&Honey pudding
Ingredients (for 8 portions)
(Original, hungarian version here)
Measure converter here

1 bottle (0,5l) sweet dessert wine (originally ’tokaji aszú’)
1,5 dl honey
cinnamon to taste
1 lemon’s zest
6 eggs
13 dkg sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)
½ teaspoon orange essence (optional)
water (for the sugar syrup)

To prepare:
  • Boil wine in saucepan, add honey, and season it with cinammon (if u use a stick, heat it up with the wine), lemon zest and if at hand, vanilla and/or orange essence.
  • Take pan off the heat, and let it cool.
  • In the meantime beat the eggs (I use a blender for creamy, even texture).
  • Take sugar, caramelize it just a little over heat, then add some water (approx. 0,5-0,8 dl) to get a thick sugar syrup.
  • Take 8 small forms, and one-by-one, pour some syrup in the bottom, making sure that some of it is reaching up to the sides of the dish as well. Let the caramel set (takes few seconds).
  • Mix lukewarm wine and eggs thoroughly and pour it into the dishes.
  • Arrange the dishes in a baking pan, and fill it up with water (half way up to the sides of the dishes).
  • Bake uncovered in oven preheated to 180°C, for 30 minutes.

When time is up, remove dishes, and let the pudding cool at least for half an hour.

Before serving, take a plate, put it on top of one dish, and with a sudden move, turn it upside-down. This should be enough for the pudding to slide out, but u can also help by gently hitting and shaking the form.

Garnish with menthe-leaves and serve.

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